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Sand Dryer
Sand Dryer

Sand Dryer

Processing capacity:  20-99(t/h)

Applied material: river sand, quartz sand, sand, sand mining, ore, slag, blast furnace slag, fly ash, cinder.

Application area:  slag industry, sandstone industry.


  • pebble
  • pyrite
  • pyrrhotite
  • quartz
  • sand
  • more

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The china sand drying machine or rotary sand dryer is mainly used to dry the granular materials with a certain moisture content, such as the yellow sand in the dry mortar industry, foundry sand with all kinds of types in the casting industry, the blast furnace slag and granular clay in the cement industry and the granular materials which will cause no chemical reaction and resist to the high temperature, smoke and dust in the chemical industry.

Sand Dryer

Types of Fote Sand Dryer

According to different materials to be dried, the sand dryer can be divided into river sand dryer, quartz sand dryer or silica sand dryer, yellow sand dryer, sea sand dryer, etc.

How Sand Dryer Dries Sand?

sand dryer

Main Features of the Sand Drying Machine

1. The sand drying machine is made of wear-resistant manganese plate, which is 3-4 times stronger than the common steel plate in the wear resistance.

2. The sand dryer material is 15% in the primary moisture content, while 0.5-1% or below in the final moisture content. It is the preferred machine you should choose in the drying projects like cement slag powder and dry mortar production line.

3. The sand dryer has a thermal efficiency 40% higher than the traditional monocular dryer.

4. The fuel could be hard coal, bituminous coal, coal gangue, oil and gas. Sand dryer can dry block, grain and powder shaped materials smaller than 20-40mm.

5. No leakage phenomenon, solve the sealing problem completely.

6. The discharging temperature is below 60。C and can enter the warehouse directly without being cooled in the cooling tent.

7. The temperature of the outside cylinder is below 60。C, while the waste gas is below 120。C. The dust removing equipment has a 2 times longer service life.

8. The coal consumption is 1/3 of the single-tube dryer, and the electricity consumption is 40% less than the latter. The coal consumption per ton is below 9 kilograms.

9. The sand dryer for sale produce by Fote Machinery adopt the internationally advanced technology. Fote Machinery is a leading sand dryer manufacturer in china and provides you the best products at a most reasonable price.


Item/Unit/Model Φ2.5×7m Φ2.7×7m Φ3.0×7.0m Φ3.2×7.0m Φ3.6×8m
Diameter of outer cylinder(m) 2.5 2.7 3.0 3.2 3.6
Length of outer cylinder(m) 7 7 7.0 7.0 8
Cylinder volume( m³ ) 16.63 16.63 52.678 52.678 81.38
Rotating speed of cylinder(rpm) 4-10 4-10 4 -10 4 -10 4 -10
Initial moisture of slag(%) 10-12 10-12 10-12 10-12 10-12
Final moisture of slag(%) 1 1 1 1 1
Initial moisture of yellow ground(%) 8-10 8-10 8-10 8-10 8-10
Final moisture of yellow ground (%) 0.5-1 0.5-1 0.5-1 0.5-1 0.5-1
Highest intake air temperature(℃) 700-750℃ 700-750℃ 700-750℃ 700-750℃ 700-750℃
Production capacity(T/h) Yellow sand: 25-30
Slag: 20-25
Yellow sand: 30-35
Slag: 25-30
Yellow sand: 35-40
Slag: 30-35
Yellow sand: 45-50
Slag: 35-40
Yellow sand: 65-70
Slag: 60-65
Motor type Y2-132m-4E Y2-132m-4E Y2-160m-4 Y2-160m-4 Y2-160m-4
Motor power(kw) 7.5×2 11×2 7.5×4 7.5×4 15×4
Reducer type XWD7-23-11W XWD7-23-11W XWD6-23-7.5KW XWD6-23-7.5KW XWD8-23-15KW
Velocity ratio of reducer 29 29 29 29 29

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