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Two-stage Crusher
Two-stage Crusher

Two-stage Crusher

Feeding Granularity: 100-400mm

Production Capacity: 15-120t/h

Applicable Range: Calcite, limestone, brickyard, coal gangue, etc


  • copper-ore
  • granite
  • limestone
  • pebble
  • quartz
  • more

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Brief Introduction to Two-stage Crusher

Two-stage crusher can also be called double-rotor hammer tertiary crusher which is suitable for crushing feldspar, limestone, slag in the brick plant, construction wastes and so on, thus solving the problems of crushing high-humidity materials such as gangue and coal cinder which are often used as additive materials and fuel and for producing standard brick and air brick. This machine is like the combination of two hammer crushers that reasonably integrated into a whole machine and two sets of rotors can be used together.

Two-stage Crusher

 The two-stage crusher is a new type of raw material crushing machine which overcomes the shortcomings of refractory discharging because of the high water content of the raw materials and has the advantages of high production efficiency and fine crushing. This machine is suitable for crushing slag, cinder and gangue and the materials to be crushed are not limited in water content, so that it is an ideal crushing machine.

Two-stage Crusher

Structural Features of Two-stage Crusher

 Two-stage crusher is mainly composed of material cabin, conveying device, high-speed scattering hammers, electrical machine and holder. There is no screen inside the crusher, so that there will no residue in it and the rate of finished products is 100%. There is no limit to the moisture of the materials to be crushed, no limit to the feeding granularity, so that the slurry in any shape can be directly fed into the crusher for crushing. This type of crushing machine the performance features of scientific structure, stable operation, convenient operation, energy conservancy and low energy consumption, big processing capacity, flexible movement, wide application range and low follow-up maintenance costs.

Two-stage Crusher

Working Principle of Two-stage Crusher

 When two-stage crusher works, driven by the two electric motors, the two sets of rotors that are connected together rotate with high speed at the same time, and the materials inside the chamber are crushed first by the higher rotor and then further crushed by the lower rotor rotating with high speed, and the materials inside the inner chamber will also hit and crush with each other until the materials are crushed to powders and become coal cinder particles whose discharging granularity is smaller than 3mm and this granularity can totally satisfy the requirement of brick plant that uses the coal cinder particles as fuel for making brick.


Specifition Capacity
Motor Power
2PC 600×600 10-30 22+22
2PC 800×600 18-55 45+55
2PC 1000×800 22-90 55+75
2PC 1200×1000 30-120 90+110
2PC 1400×1200 40-140 132+160
2PC 1600×1400 50-180 160+200
2PC 2000×1600 60-300 400+400

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